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Ciber Research Group on Finance

We are committed to returning our research to society

About Ciber
Ciber Research Group on Finance

Ciber is a research group on finance at the University of Zaragoza (Est. 1542). It is officially registered and funded by the Government of Aragón (Spain). Headquarters of Ciber are in School of Economics and Business. The stable core of the research group is formed by 16 full-time researchers. The joint projects of these senior researchers with our PhD students contribute to the active research dynamics of Ciber.

Our Background
Ciber Research Group on Finance

Ciber has more than 20 years of experience in different research areas: microfinance, corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investments, portfolio management, behavioural finance, public management, and other topics. Over the years, Ciber has obtained funding from different R&D projects sponsored by the European Union (EDRF Funds), the Spanish Government, the Local Government of Aragón, and other private partners for these research purposes.

Our Future
Ciber Research Group on Finance

Ciber combines a deep knowledge of the involved research areas with advanced methodological issues, which leads to successful scientific publications and contributions. Our further research areas continue all previous Ciber research but pay special attention to the return to society.

Our Research Team

Ciber is formed by both senior and junior researchers with recent PhD theses.

Ciber team is very cohesive, has a deep knowledge of the research areas and has a long track record in advanced econometric analysis techniques.

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Research Areas

Our current research areas continue all previous Ciber research but present an important innovation: studying the return to society, i.e., measuring how companies, organizations, public administrations and financial markets and institutions contribute to the common good.
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