Companies, start-ups, financial institutions, hybrid organizations

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This research area of Ciber investigates the return to the common good of companies and start-ups, financial institutions, hybrid organizations, and social sector firms, in particular to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
For financial institutions, the focus is on how they achieve the financial inclusion of the most disadvantaged clients. The trajectories of success and failure of financial products and institutions, measured not only by financial aspects but also by social aspects, are identified and modelled.
Another research focus is on newly created companies and start-ups, especially in sectors such as technology, social entrepreneurship, and circular economy companies. We measure the return to society of start-ups, identifying the factors that maximize return and modelling causal relationships.
We investigate whether belonging to depopulated areas can be a handicap or a success factor for a company, identifying the circumstances that favour a positive return on investment and social impact.

Selected Publications