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This research area of Ciber evaluates the return to the common good of public administrations. In particular, public administration policies -such as subsidies and convertible loans- and the different forms of collaboration between private companies and the public sector (PPPs). 
Many administrations provide grants and subsidies to foster entrepreneurship. However, the magnitude of their effect on survival or financial performance and whether it is worthwhile or an avoidable expense is not always known. Public actions to fight against the depopulation of the rural world are a special case. The aim is to identify the precise circumstances in which a subsidy is appropriate.
In the case of the return to society of PPPs, we are especially interested in this kind of organization as a mechanism to foster the infrastructures necessary to fulfil some of the Agenda 2030 goals in developing countries. Thus, we analyze the factors that determine the attraction of private interest and the performance of these projects. More concretely, we study the impact of the institutional quality of the environment where the project is performed and the distance between the country where the private companies are held and the country where the infrastructure has to be built and operated.

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