Beatrice Boumda

Assistant Professor


Short bio

Beatrice C. Boumda currently serves as an assistant lecturer at the University of Zaragoza. She specializes in behavioural finance and asset management. Her academic credentials include a master’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of Zaragoza in 2015, followed by an international PhD with honours (Cum Laude) in the same field in 2023.
These qualifications reflect her solid educational foundation. Additionally, she possesses an international master’s degree in Peace, Conflict, and Development from Universitat Jaume I, demonstrating her interdisciplinary approach to research.
Her research has garnered recognition, leading to the opportunity to present her findings at numerous national and international conferences. Moreover, she expanded her academic horizons by undertaking a research stay at Newcastle University (UK). This experience exposed her to diverse perspectives and research methodologies, enriching her knowledge in behavioural finance.
In acknowledgement of her achievements, she was chosen to represent the University of Zaragoza at the esteemed G9 conference of doctoral students in 2023. This opportunity demonstrates her status as an emerging scholar and her potential to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in her field.
Overall, she is a dedicated assistant lecturer with a robust academic background and diverse research interests centered around behavioural finance.

Selected Publications